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Company Name
Ratio Record Date Ex Date
Radix Indust. 1:2 01-Oct-19 30-Sep-19
Aarti Inds. 1:1 30-Sep-19 27-Sep-19
Modex Intl. Sec. 1:1 28-Sep-19 26-Sep-19
Supershakti Met. 1:1 28-Sep-19 26-Sep-19
Pulz Electronics 1:1 27-Sep-19 26-Sep-19
A & M Febcon 2:5 21-Sep-19 19-Sep-19
Ador Fontech 1:1 21-Sep-19 19-Sep-19
Astral Poly 1:4 17-Sep-19 16-Sep-19
Rajratan Global 4:3 12-Sep-19 11-Sep-19
Aaron Industries 1:10 31-Aug-19 29-Aug-19
Brigade Enterpr. 1:2 29-Aug-19 28-Aug-19
Touchwood Enter. 1.50:1 24-Aug-19 22-Aug-19
Eco Recyc. 1:10 23-Aug-19 22-Aug-19
Swelect Energy 1:2 23-Aug-19 22-Aug-19
Bombay Cycle 1:1 14-Aug-19 13-Aug-19
Rites 1:4 11-Aug-19 08-Aug-19
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