Medi Assist Healthcare Services Ltd

Initial public offering of 28,028,168* equity shares of face value of Rs. 5 each (the "Equity Shares") of Medi Assist Healthcare Services Limited ("The Company" or "The Company" or "The Issuer") for cash at a price of Rs. 418 per equity share (the "Offer Price") aggregating to Rs. 1171.58 crores (the "Offer") comprising an offer for sale of 2,539,092* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 106.13 crores by Vikram Jit Singh Chhatwal, 12,468,592** equity shares* aggregating to Rs. 521.19 crores by Medimatter Health Management Private Limited ("Medimatter Health", and collectively with Vikram Jit Singh Chhatwal, the "Promoter Selling Shareholders"), 6,606,084* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 276.13 crores by Bessemer Health Capital llc ("Bessemer Health" or the "Promoter Group Selling Shareholder"), 6,275,706* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 262.33 crores by Investcorp Private Rquity Fund i (the "Investor Selling Shareholder"), and 138,694 equity shares aggregating to Rs. 5.80 crores by the other selling shareholders (as defined hereinafter and together with the promoter selling shareholders, promoter group selling shareholder and investor selling shareholder, the "Selling Shareholders" and such offer by the selling shareholders, the "Offer for Sale"). The offer shall constitute 40.70% of the post-offer paid-up equity share capital of the company. *Subject to finalization of basis of allotment **Includes 537,080 equity shares held jointly with Vikram Jit Singh Chhatwal
Opens On Closes On
15-Jan-24 17-Jan-24
Money Payable On
Application Allotment
418.00 0.00
Minimum Application for shares in Nos : 35 Further Multiples of : 35
Cr Lead Managers to the Issue
Project Cost (.Cr) 0.00 Axis Capital Ltd
Project Financed through Current Offer (.Cr) 1171.58  
Post Issue Equity Share Capital (.Cr) 34.43
Issue Price () 418.00
Listing of Shares on the Stock Exchanges
Promoted By
Vikram Jit Singh Chhatwal
Medimatter Health Management P
Bessemer India Capital Holding
Listing At
Registrar to the Issue
No Data Available