Platinum Industries Ltd

Initial public offer of up to 13,761,225 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10 each ("Equity Shares") of Platinum Industries Limited ("Company or "Issuer") for cash at a price of Rs. 171 per equity share (including a share premium of Rs. 161 per equity share) ("Issue Price") aggregating up to Rs. 235.32 crores ("Issue"). The issue shall constitute 25.05% of the fully-diluted post-issue paid-up equity share capital of the company. The company, in consultation with the brlm, has allotted a pre-ipo placement of 910,700 equity shares by way of a private placement at an issue price of Rs. 157 per equity share (including a premium of Rs. 147 per equity share) for an aggregate consideration of Rs. 14.30 crores. Accordingly, the size of the issue has been reduced by 910,700 equity shares. The investors that have subscribed to the equity shares of the company pursuant to the pre-ipo placement have been informed that there is no guarantee that the issue may come through or the listing may happen and accordingly, the investment was done by the relevant investors solely at their own risk. The face value of equity shares is Rs. 10 each. The issue price is 17.1 times the face value of the equity shares.
Opens On Closes On
27-Feb-24 29-Feb-24
Money Payable On
Application Allotment
171.00 0.00
Minimum Application for shares in Nos : 87 Further Multiples of : 87
Cr Lead Managers to the Issue
Project Cost (.Cr) 211.83 Unistone Capital Pvt Ltd
Project Financed through Current Offer (.Cr) 235.32  
Post Issue Equity Share Capital (.Cr) 54.93
Issue Price () 171.00
Investment in PSEL for financing its capital expenditure requirements in relation to the setting up of the proposed facility 1
Funding of capital expenditure requirements of the company towards setting up of the proposed facility 2
Funding working capital requirements of the company
General corporate purposes
Promoted By
Krishna Dushyant Rana
Parul Krishna Rana
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Registrar to the Issue
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