Date Time Heading
15-Jul-19 14:28 Indices trade with modest gains
15-Jul-19 13:18 Barometers firm up; breadth remains weak
15-Jul-19 12:29 Benchmarks trade almost flat
15-Jul-19 11:27 Sensex, Nifty come off day's low
15-Jul-19 10:28 Indices continue trading higher
15-Jul-19 09:27 Market drifts higher in early trade
12-Jul-19 14:28 Nifty crosses 11,600 level
12-Jul-19 13:29 Indices hit fresh intraday high
12-Jul-19 12:22 Shares turn range bound
12-Jul-19 11:20 Benchmarks trade almost flat
12-Jul-19 10:21 Sensex, Nifty come off day's low
12-Jul-19 09:32 Market opens higher on positive Asian stocks
11-Jul-19 14:29 Nifty trades near 11,600; media shares advance
11-Jul-19 13:27 Benchmarks charge ahead on positive global signals
11-Jul-19 12:25 Sensex, Nifty hit fresh intraday high
11-Jul-19 11:23 Shares turn range bound; auto shares advance
11-Jul-19 10:27 Indices trade near day's high
11-Jul-19 09:26 Market drifts higher in early trade
10-Jul-19 14:25 Nifty slips below 11,500; breadth weak
10-Jul-19 13:28 Weak market breadth
10-Jul-19 12:26 Benchmarks hit fresh intraday low
10-Jul-19 11:21 Market breadth turns negative
10-Jul-19 10:25 Shares turn volatile; breadth positive
10-Jul-19 09:30 Market slightly lower in early trade
09-Jul-19 14:27 Indices continue trading lower
09-Jul-19 13:29 Sensex, Nifty trade with modest losses
09-Jul-19 12:21 Market breadth turns positive
09-Jul-19 11:24 Benchmarks come off day's low
09-Jul-19 10:21 Shares extend early losses; breadth negative
09-Jul-19 09:22 Market drops in early trade on negative Asian stocks
08-Jul-19 14:27 Shares slump amid broad based selloff
08-Jul-19 13:27 Shares hits fresh intraday low
08-Jul-19 12:26 Sensex, Nifty trade near day's low
08-Jul-19 11:22 Nifty trades near 11,600 mark
08-Jul-19 10:20 Sensex, Nifty tumble; PSU banks decline
08-Jul-19 09:23 Market opens on weak note on negative Asian stocks
05-Jul-19 14:27 Shares come off day's low
05-Jul-19 13:10 Benchmarks slide futher; PSU banks advance
05-Jul-19 12:15 Sensex, Nifty hover in negative terrain
05-Jul-19 11:25 Indices trade near day's low
05-Jul-19 10:30 Indices give up early gains ahead of Union Budget
05-Jul-19 09:34 Sensex regains 40,000
04-Jul-19 14:29 Indices hold firm at higher levels; defense stocks rise
04-Jul-19 13:20 Indices continue to trade higher
04-Jul-19 12:22 Barometers trim gains; breadth positive
04-Jul-19 11:23 Sensex, Nifty trade with modest gains
04-Jul-19 10:27 Nifty trades above 11950; banks advance
04-Jul-19 09:29 Market drifts higher in early trade
03-Jul-19 14:28 Shares further extend rise
03-Jul-19 13:29 Benchmarks hit fresh intraday high
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