Date Time Heading
20-Feb-20 17:27 Rupee falls
20-Feb-20 10:20 COMEX Gold breaks well above $1600 per ounce
19-Feb-20 17:08 Rupee range bounded
19-Feb-20 10:03 Gold soars above $1600 per ounce
18-Feb-20 17:28 Rupee loses strength
17-Feb-20 17:26 Rupee crawls up
17-Feb-20 09:41 Gold stays supported on good bargain buying
14-Feb-20 17:44 Rupee down
14-Feb-20 09:12 Gold edges up modestly
13-Feb-20 17:37 Rupee gains
13-Feb-20 09:40 Gold supported but rallying equities cap gains
12-Feb-20 17:40 Rupee sinks
12-Feb-20 09:16 COMEX Gold lingers around $1570 per ounce
11-Feb-20 17:35 Rupee inches up
11-Feb-20 09:12 Gold eases in Asian trades
10-Feb-20 17:44 Rupee closes higher
10-Feb-20 13:00 Gold sees steady recovery, Coronavirus fears stay in place
07-Feb-20 17:44 Rupee slips
07-Feb-20 09:14 Gold edges up steadily
06-Feb-20 18:18 Rupee closes up
06-Feb-20 09:38 Gold off two week low
05-Feb-20 17:53 Rupee sustains momentum
05-Feb-20 09:28 Sharp fall in COMEX Gold as DOW surges
04-Feb-20 17:48 Rupee joyrides
04-Feb-20 09:56 Gold eases, US equities recover
03-Feb-20 17:48 Rupee sustains gain
03-Feb-20 09:42 Gold soars to three week high
31-Jan-20 17:52 Rupee closes up
31-Jan-20 09:13 Global gold demand falls 1% in 2019
30-Jan-20 17:31 Rupee drops nerves
30-Jan-20 12:26 Gold eyes equities, global demand trends also in focus
29-Jan-20 17:37 Rupee sustains gains
29-Jan-20 10:18 Gold off three week top
28-Jan-20 17:48 Rupee closes up
27-Jan-20 18:38 Gold Hits Three Week Top
27-Jan-20 17:23 Rupee weakens further
24-Jan-20 17:21 Rupee ticks lower
24-Jan-20 09:46 COMEX Gold off two week high
23-Jan-20 17:15 Rupee drops again
22-Jan-20 17:28 Rupee sighs relief
22-Jan-20 09:53 COMEX Gold off two week high
21-Jan-20 17:30 Rupee continues to lose
20-Jan-20 17:20 Rupee extends losses
20-Jan-20 08:50 Gold to eye dollar strength in near term
17-Jan-20 18:03 Rupee goes down
17-Jan-20 09:31 Gold sees modest gains, Indian demand worries stay in place
16-Jan-20 17:29 Rupee finishes lower
16-Jan-20 09:56 Gold locked in choppy trades
15-Jan-20 17:37 Rupee closes higher
15-Jan-20 09:53 Gold sees steady gains
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